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Francisco (Paco) Arredondo MD MPH


Francisco (Paco) Arredondo MD MPH

Dr. Arredondo’s 40th birthday inspired him to combine his medical, entrepreneurial, and management skills to follow a new path as a “MedikalPreneur” — a term he coined — which led him back to San Antonio to open his own fertility center. Over 13 years, he and his three-member team grew a network of fertility centers and entrepreneurial ventures with more than 80 team members. In 2018 and 2019, some of his corporations underwent two mergers and made him the Chief Medical Officer of America’s largest network of fertility centers, overseeing more than 50 fertility specialists. After achieving his professional and financial goals, Dr. Arredondo sold his interest in many of his companies and embarked on a new venture: Social Entrepreneurship to democratize fertility services. A member of the medical advisory board for various American companies, he also advises national and international private equity firms that focus on health investments.   LEARN MORE

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